Monday, 15 October 2012

It gives you wings!

Ask any women, what are the real signs of women empowerment. I bet owning a vehicle will figure among top three. When I was in college (almost 20 years back!), riding a bicycle to school or college was a norm (keeping obesity rate among kids and teenagers much low). One of my friends offered me to accompany her every day on her scooter. It was a decent arrangement; I would ride my bicycle to her home, which was nearby and then to the college on her scooter, reversing the order while going back. But the joy of getting a lift everyday lasted for only few days. We didn't share our subjects. She was a fine arts students and often practised for long hours that extended beyond her classes, while I was always in a hurry to go back home as I had to finish my assignments. I was also giving tuitions in the evening for extra pocket money. But the long waiting hours ate into my already limited time. As I was already getting a favour, I couldn't ask her to go home early every day. Soon, not having my own vehicle started bothering me to no end. It proved to be a handicap, much to my dismay. And the day I politely refused my friend for any further favours, I felt a big sense of relief. That day I realized owning a vehicle (even if it is a modest bicycle) is such freedom, an empowerment in itself!

In today’s world when women have to do more than their share of managing the house, like managing bank accounts, ferrying kids to and from school,  depositing multiple bills and not to mention the endless shopping sprees, life without vehicle can really become crippled. The idea of first going around and looking for a public vehicle is enough for putting off your plans. Though these days you have facility of calling paid cabs to your place, but their charges are almost prohibitive. Even in my own family, I really feel for the older ladies, who have to confine themselves to home until it is absolutely necessary to go, lest they should bother somebody for taking them out. The feeling, driving your own vehicle brings, is absolutely assuring and empowering, and catapults you into the category of ‘super woman’. Actually this is what gives you wings, not some stupid energy drink!

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  1. You made good sense in this post Meenakshi.
    Truly without any mode of transport, a feeling of handicap is induced in the mind and you have correctly pointed out the situation with women.
    I hope you have found and still maintain the wings to fly.
    Keep posting :)



    1. Yes, Though from cycle in my college days , I have now graduated to a car. Steering my own wheels is very important to me.

  2. Wonderful Meenakshi! A great post!!

  3. You hit hte nail on the head Meenakshi.
    I am 60+, and always had someone to drive me around, either on the pillion, or in front seat of car. But I know how awful it is when you feel , why can't I go where I want to and when I want to. Now , I depend on the auto rickshaw, most of the time .

    Not a day has passes , without the regret of not owning a vehicle!!.

    1. I understand completely, mam! I know it feels. Thanks for appreciating my post!