Sunday, 14 October 2012

Peace prize that leaves you fuming!!

Year after year, Committee for Nobel Peace Prize has been consistent in springing surprises and has been able to, well, sensationalize the award, otherwise meant for promoting peace, harmony, mutual cooperation and understanding in the world. The award drew flak on many previous occasions for debatable choices. Mr. Barack Obama, Mr. Yasser Arafat had more than their fair share of contribution in promoting crisis and violence in world order. Even Mr. Al Gore’s selection was ridden with criticism. Now the new announcement has left many gulping and dumbfounded. That too coming from country which herself refused to join European Union twice.

Creation of EU has been credited by many to bring stability and peace in a war torn continent, with bitter rivals France and Germany compelled to trot a common path, lodged in the same cart. "The union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe," says Nobel Committee president Thorbjoern Jagland, Who is also seen as the torchbearer in Norway for joining the cause of EU. You cannot entirely discredit EU of the results (checkered though) it has been able to produce through united efforts, bringing as many as 27 countries on board and creating common market. But it should take more than that to bag a Nobel Peace citation. The historical contentions run deep. Add to it the present deepening economic gulf. The award appears at a time, when EU is buckling under threats of disintegration owing to economic gulf between the member countries, wealthy north reluctant to help the financial crisis ridden south. It is like burying old differences just to create new ones. And when economic unrest is causing people to take to streets, civic unrest cannot be far behind. Reports of riots in Greece, Spain and other countries reeling under failure to get past ‘depression iceberg’, also point a finger towards EU’s qualification for the coveted prize. The union is still groping for any legitimate solution it can offer to its member countries. It has also been criticized for its bureaucratic ways of functioning.

Mr. Jagland Further justifies the selection stating that France and Germany had fought three wars in the past, which is unthinkable today. So much for sparing the world from third world war!!

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