Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Who makes a better Bond!


Finally, I watched ‘Skyfall’ last night. Excellent camera work, racy action, impeccable characterization, all that gives this espionage series the iconic status it enjoys . But I missed Pierce Brosnan as Bond. The reason may be the first couple of Bond movies I saw, had Brosnan playing Bond. He and James Bond became inseparably entwined and frozen in my mind. His Bond displayed a snobbery, ruthlessness, cunning intelligence, indifference all seemed to give him an edge over his rivals. His charm, naughtiness of his eyes all seeped into the character, making him a handsome case for women to fall for. Daniel Craige looks rather ageing and groggy. With Craige, Bond is a man with heart, emotional and vulnerable at the same time. With all the goody act he is out to perform, his rendezvous with women looks out of place and forced. Though I liked the movie but I missed Brosnan as Bond. And the way he made those words immortal…the name is Bond…James Bond.

What’s your take on it….


  1. Sean Connery :) Bond, James Bond!

  2. I'm all for Sean Connery of them all! Next comes Roger Moore!

  3. My take is that Sean Connery was the best Bond! But, Brosnan comes a close second...probably because I loved Remington Steele! :)) Definitely want to see Skyfall!!

  4. For me its always been Sean connery .. and now its danial craig .. Brosnan was not that Macho he he he.. ok ok before people take the wrong meaning .. I meant as an actor :)