Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A lone Gerbera Bud

Cold, incessant rains, howling gale,

make even the giant of a man frail.

dogs, cats, squirrels,

all run for shelters.

dripping wet, shivering,

the winter rain is reigning.

I watch with much dismay,

tiny saplings that wither away,

will not bloom a single one,

this spring to match the sun.

In an earthen pot I see some scope,

a gerbera bud with stains of hope,

none to be found, all other fled, 

a lone warrior hold high its head.

Instead the case, I notice with mirth,

every rain drop adding to its girth,

Soon a happy red will come into view,

With it spring ...and butterflies too!

Picture taken from: Google search


  1. This is a beautiful, whimsical ride of the seasons. Nicely written.

  2. I love such brave little buds of hope :)

  3. Wow ... you describe nature so well ... awesome !!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL.. even more beautifully written..

    a gerbera bud with stains of hope..

    I will not be done here until I mention this line.. just loved it..

    stains of hope.. WOW

  5. Very beautiful! Wordsworthian!!

  6. Gerberas are one of my favourite kinds of flowers. Their bright, open, smiling faces and vibrant colours infuse energy and positivity into their surroundings. they truly herald spring in all its glory.

    And I like winter rains, even though they are cold and unforgiving, because they wash away the smoggy fogs and leave behind a fresh, crisp, invigorating chill in the air.

    Beautifully written, Meenakshi!

  7. Lovely positivity emanating at the end!

  8. beautiful! coming from a wordsmith it cant be otherwise.

  9. as beautiful poem as the season itself

  10. amazing! the thought behind your poetry is what i love most (not sure whether i have already said it or not).

  11. Your poetry is some beautifully have you captured the essence of a bud with that of a warrior...immaculate...!!!

  12. Wow! Beautiful poem Meenakshi...Hope it blooms soon :)

  13. Awe...exquisite piece. I could visualize the beads of rain-drops on that curled and withered petal of gerbera..I am sure, it's going to bloom. Loved it!!

  14. Nice poem..ending on an a positive note :)

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  16. Very apt simile--tiny buds & warriors...these frail beauties do live through all the lashes of different weathers.

  17. lovely rhyme ... complementing the hope for the bud to blossom~!


  18. wow ! such a beautiful , sweet poem ! loved it..