Monday, 11 February 2013

A Date with Destiny - The Help Appears

It is been more than month. Whatever happened that night is a page of the book of my life which I am trying to hide, afraid of showing it to anybody, afraid of getting termed insane. Now that incident is a permanent fixture on mind’s wall. I know it is always there though I don’t keep looking at it.


Morning walk is a routine I rarely skip. The fresh crisp air, melodious chirping of birds, greenery in abundance, fresh fragrance, this park has everything a costly spa in the up-market locale has to offer, only it comes free and so is neglected. However drowned in my own thoughts I may be, I never fail to appreciate this bounty and bless this place.

I am sauntering down the cemented path amidst the green flank, admiring the verdant beauty when an unfamiliar voice knocks at my ears, “Have you found your answers?”

I am hacked out of my rendezvous with the nature by a serene looking old man, whose gaze like a steady stream of energy is pouring out at me. Other than that he is normal looking chap you so commonly encounter in your daily life, medium built, slightly pot-bellied, bald, carrying normal Indian features with smooth wheatish complexion. Such a common face but a complete stranger, I am amused at my own observation.

“Have you found your answers, lady?” He repeats his question, after not getting any reply.

What did he just say? Is he asking me?? I look around but find no one except the two of us. Does he know…how? I am standing there, astounded, looking at the man as if caught in a stupid stupor. “I can understand your confusion. But for a moment, please ignore my unsolicited entry into your territory of thoughts. Though I came here because you asked for it.” He offers a rather queer explanation.

That’s getting too much for me. First that scary experience and now this psycho, who is strangely peeping into my mind. Is he playing games on me? After all, robbing naive people using hypnotism is not unheard off. But then something is telling me to trust this man.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust him. You've got to trust me; I am here because of you.” He can really read my mind, I feel hair rising on the back of my neck.

“But I don’t think I know you. Have we met before?” I send off my first audible query. Anyway his monologues are doing little to relieve my confusion. I want straight answers or else I walk off.

“Certainly not. We haven’t met but your genuine search for answers have brought me here. Your own thoughts attract the kind of energy that builds your world around you. This world is not static as you perceive, it is continuously changing as per you commands that you sent forth via your thoughts.”

But that doesn't solve the riddle. He sits on bench and points me to take a seat too.

“There is nothing by the way of explanation that you do not have within you. But you don’t realize it. Tell me, are you scared?” He asks me in a very assuring tone, trying to ease me a bit.

I think about it for a while, seating myself on stone stool near the bench. 

“No, somehow, I am not. My instincts tell me that it is over.”

“What if it happens again.” He asks.

“I know I can fight it off, like I did. But my question is why? Why me? Who were those people? What were they up to?” I hurtle a volley of questions. Questions I had buried in my heart, now springing up sniffing the chance to meet their answers.

To be continued...


  1. ap bahut achha likhati hain.aabhar

  2. The suspense is increasing. Waiting anxiously for the next part.

  3. It's getting mysterious...first of all a scary dream(i am calling it a dream) and then this man oozing out out of nowhere to help her out from a's chilling me out...what's gonna happen next?

  4. Search for inner peace and the mystery deepens...

  5. I went back to read the first part again.You have a strong grip on your language,such descriptions-it is a pleasure to read you.And the mystery is deepening.

  6. with each part it's becoming exciting and urge to read it at once is increasing,waiting for the next part.

  7. This one has an element of philosophy, a deep-seated search for answers to unknown questions. And an ethereal series of incidents that make you question reality itself.

    Eager to see what the next part brings!

  8. this is getting increasingly interesting. i don't intend to make a fool out of myself by predicting anything. I'll just wait for the climax.

    loved the narration Meenakshi.

  9. Oh this is interesting! I'm eager to know what happened next!

  10. Intrquing writing ~ well done!

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger

  11. I had to refresh the prequel and I must say you have carried it magnificently till now.

  12. I am feeling goose bumps right now...please tell me whats next?

  13. Getting interesting.... waiting for more.

  14. Meenakshi

    Please post the next one quickly . My mind is restless now. Is he GOD? I feel so . Are you bringing any twist ? or are you dreaming ? It is going anywhere and everywhere. I am confused and engrossed after reading this.

    Secondly what a write up ????
    please ignore my unsolicited entry into your territory of thoughts. TOO MUCH.
    Travel India

  15. Now this is getting deeper ... the same questions are ringing in my mind too !!!

  16. beautifully and interestingly written --haven't read the first part will rush back and catch up

  17. An engaging story and I'd love to read the rest. ;-)

  18. Intriguing indeed! wonderfully written!