Monday, 5 November 2012

Night Assault

'my hurried steps take me closer to nest,
kids waiting , no I can’t rest.
winter laying early veneer of night,
air carrying scent of far away, crisp, light…

trees silhouetted against dark vault,
moon claiming, among stars, throne exalt,
commanding trees to pass shining shaft,
painting earth black and white, light and dark.

both scare me, both ready to devour,
ominous silence awaiting something to uncover.
fliers nocturnal whiz past, hover, prepare attack,
glow-worms morph into eyes, slither my back.

creepy figures skulk, follow, smirk, frown
Will they pull my hair, tear me apart, nab me down???
walking ahead, looking behind, hit a blind bend,
what’s lurking forth… my hair stand on end.

ears look up at inkling slight, heart outruns trembling feet,
head throws up reigns aside, this role reversal ain't sweat.
huffing, panting, gasping for breath, finally, in quaint lane,
I dart to home, shut door behind, fasten chain.

slowly crawl back to life, reborn...
shadows cringe at failed attempt, mourn.
neigh, make no mistake, it’s not some imaginary ghost,
the creature made in God’s own image, I dread the most!'

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  1. Wow ... this was so powerful ... loved it !!!

  2. Extremely effective , I really liked this.

  3. Very poignant and yet beautifully crafted. Nice work. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving those wonderful comments. Thanks again :)

    And please remove the word verification if possible.

  4. Thanks for these encouraging words, Sayantini. It means a lot. I really want to remove word verification but don't know how to do it. I will soon try to do it.

  5. very nice poem usual :) keep it up...