About me

Nothing great to know about me, if still you bother, read on...

I strongly believe that beyond all the roles I am suppose to play as a woman, I am person, who loves her own space, has a mind of her own and wants to hear and be heard. Never thought I would write...but here I am! I am a hard core optimist, who would never stop expecting from life. 

I am a spiritual person, but do not adhere to myopic perimeters of any religion. I have personalised my God, feel his presence all around me always.  I don't need tedious rituals to appease Him. He doesn't need to appeased...

Being health concious person, I watch what I eat. Follow yoga and daily walks regularly (ok! almost). 

I am a voracious reader...love to read philosophy, spirituality, mythology, recently taken to thrillers too. My favourite books are 'An Autobiography of a Yogi', Shiv Trilogy by Amish, 'Angels and Demons', 'Da Vinci's Code', 'Siddhartha' by Herman Hesse, 'Many Lives, Many Masters'.....List is long. 

The greatest gift reading has given me is the ability to respect and accommodate different point of views. 


  1. Looks like I have found another reader friend.. Grt!!

  2. Oh My God Meenakshi,i feel as if i am reading myself in your words.Reading your posts i felt that our thinking synchronized but this far? It is amazing.
    Our reading list tallies up to your first book;i have not read the new authors.

    1. Mam, you must read 'Immortals of Maluha' and 'secret of Nagas' by Amish, I have an inkling that you will like them. Thanks for your generous comments. This is really encouraging!

  3. lovely to know about you and to come here on your space! ITs an amazing world of your verses with lots to share! Best wishes!

  4. elders like are bowled out now and then by these up coming kids.. the fact is in our era we used to ask based on the circumstances prevailing and how we were associated or communicated with the society.. but now these days, the same kids have access to internet and everything.. this kids are more brilliant than we used to be... so its always hard to think like them and answer the same...

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