Friday, 19 October 2012

Fresh Smelling house - Go Natural

So, when we are clear about the possible adverse affects of synthetic room fresheners, let’s talk about the natural ways of keeping house smelling fresh. They come with a bonus: they are quite pocket-friendly!

Fresh Air and Sunlight: Nothing works better than sunlight to freshen up the house and keep the pesky pests away. What more, it is absolutely free! Fresh air also works wonder in the house. Let both fall freely in your house. Keep your all windows open and curtains drawn for at least 10 minutes every day.

Vinegar: white vinegar is very effective natural odour neutralizer. Take one part white vinegar and mix it up with four part water in bottle sprayer. You can spray it anywhere under the sink, where you keep your waste bin, in the bathroom, on the curtains, sofa, anywhere. Vinegar is very good cleansing agent and can be used daily to clean your gas stove top, slabs, etc.

Magic of essential oils: If you are really keen on your house smelling good, like store bought room fresheners, invest in good essential oils. You will get them in good super markets and home stores, but check the label to buy only 100% natural and herbal essential oils. These are little expensive but have great therapeutic (healing) benefits and are to be used in minute quantities. Mix few drop of any essential oil you like, e.g. jasmine, rose, lavender, sage, rosemary with half a bottle of water, you can reduce or increase the quantity depending upon how strong smell you want. Just spray this water everyday anywhere you like in the house to smell it like heavens. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and work its magic on curtains, pillows, bed sheets, wherever you like. Just make sure you do not spray near polished furniture. In Chandigarh you can find essential oils in some shops in sector 23, sector 35 or buy online.

A pinch of baking soda: You won’t believe how this simple, easily available in the house, product is effective in neutralizing odors in kitchen, bathroom, carpets, upholstery. For removing smell from the carpet, jus sprinkle some baking soda over it and vaccum. To deodorize the home, mix one eighth cup of baking soda with two cups of hot water and half cup lemon juice. You can make your own shakable jar of air freshener. Take one jar (any plastic or glass jar, like empty jar of honey, coffee any face cream), poke its lid to make holes. Put some baking soda in the jar and mix few drops of essential oil of your choice. Shake it once a while to freshen up your house. You can make many such jars, and keep them in your closet, rooms, kitchen and bathrooms wherever you like. I found it the recipe on Just keep them out of the reach of children!

Ingredients from the kitchen: Add some orange or lemon rinds and peels to boiling water, add in a few cinnamon sticks and/or cloves (even mint, basil, lemon grass) and enjoy the fresh fragrance wafting through the home. Cut a lemon into half, remove inside, fill it up with salt. Keep it at the back of your refrigerator for removing any kind of odour. You can also add guggal (commonly used in agarbattis) as it is an effective freshener and insect repellent  You can also burn guggal in a pan as it is.

Bring in plants: Keep some indoor and outdoor plants in and around of your house. They not only up the oxygen circulation in the house but also add a kind of positive energy, making the whole house look and smell fresh.

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  2. You know, not only is this post useful and smells fresh, your blog feels so natural, sunny and fragrant!!! Love it!

    1. You have picked the right word, 'sunny'. I am really a sun loving person. My mornings have to be sunny, If they are cloudy I really feel depressed:)

  3. After going through three of your blogs, I have become your fan. You are not only a good writer but also a good mother and a great home maker. God bless you!!

    1. Thank you so much for your blessings. It's great to see you writing and so active in this age, Please bless me the same!